CiM 556

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CiM 556
CiM 556
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"Described as an opal blue this sits somewhere in between Electric Avenue & Poseidon. It's a very cheerful shade of blue and one I'm quite excited about ... I admit to being just a tiny bit keen on bright colours.
OK, very very keen. This melted without any issues and was a joy to work with. As it's an opal colour I was keen to see how it would play with other glass, Frost is a perfect match.
The first on the left is a thin layer over Frost, and the next one is a core of Merryweather encased with Frost. Both of these are light and still translucent! The next two are solid Merryweather,  
the one far right with a band of EDP that also sits well without any adverse reaction!"
– Trudi Doherty