It is possible for you to register. This is not required, however, it does have some advantages.
Registration provides a customer environment with the following options:
You can adjust your personal details.
Your personal details will be transfered to your order automatically.
Order history
You can view your last 5 orders.
You can follow the status of the order, for example whether the payment has been received, whether the order has been handled and whether the order has been shipped.
Wish list
Also, after registration you will be able to create a wish list, which you can send to an e-mail address. It is also possible to turn the wish list into an order at a later stage.
Forgot your password?
Caution! Our system doesn't save your password(s).
When you forget your password, please enter your login and e-mail address and you will receive a new password within a few minutes. You can adjust this password.