SSL connection with Artyco

Sending and leave personal information is a confidential matter . Buy remote stands and falls with ' feel good ' that we appropriately handle your data , should be clear .

To underline this, we have an SSL certificate for some time. You can see that with https in the address bar and the padlock . If you are in the address bar , click the lock icon , you will see the certificate and its validity .

Secure connection (SSL )

What is SSL

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer .
SSL is a standard protocol, easy to implement for transaction security . This is an encrypted link between your domain and the browser of the website visitor . Once this link is established , all information between your server and the browser of the visitor will remain confidential.

Why a SSL secured website

In general, a SSL connection is used to protect your web site. Using an SSL certificate is your visitor to make sure that he has come to your website and that the information entered by him can not be "bugged " .

An SSL Certificate is actually a 'must ' for every site where sensitive information is exchanged .

What is a SSL secure site

A website which is secured with a SSL certificate has two properties :

  1. 1. This security is the identity of the website , guaranteed , or rather the identity of the organization that owns the website .

  1. 2. It is meant to bring . A " secure connection " The information exchanged between your computer and the website goes back and forth , can not be read or edited by others, because it is sent encrypted.

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