CiM 464

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CiM 464
CiM 464
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Article codeC-464

"Described by CiM as an opaque green, looking at the rod I would describe it as being a very light olive kind of green with blue/grey tones.
But it was the effect on the bead surface that has me baffled, it's not something I have come across before. I wound the glass around the mandrel as normal,
but when you look at the bead it looks as though I have 'dabbed' on the glass as it has a kind of mottled effect.
I have looked at the rod again, and there is nothing unusual about it, and it melted fine with no issues! There was no particular reaction with silvered ivory,
but look at the dots made with Peace- they are really soft around the edges and somewhat mis-shapen! Once melted the beads do look darker than the rod."
– Trudi Doherty