Murrini Hemostats

Murrini Hemostats
Murrini Hemostats
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Used to pick up hot or cold glass rods or murrini sections and add them to others.
Many complex murrinis are "bundled" from several different murrinis. The best way to bundle murrinis is to first preheat the individual parts in an annealer.
This prevents them from popping apart in the flame. Using the bent end Murrini Hemostats, reach into a hot oven and grab a murrini, heat it in the flame,
then nest it to others. The Murrini Hemostats are bent at 90°, approximately 1" from the end, and the very tips have rounded grooves to securely hold the murrini components.
The grooves are so close to the end that they usually no not touch the glass that you are applying the murrini to.