ValCox frit coe96

All of Val Cox Frit is made with premium furnace glass (96 coe).The metal oxides that give furnace glass its intense color also make it more elastic
This means that Val Cox frit is compatible with Moretti/Effetre/Vetrofond (104 COE) and Bullseye (90COE) as long as you use it in moderation.
A conservative rule of thumb is 5% of the weight of the bead.Fortunately, since furnace glass colors tend to be intense, a small amount not only works best, it looks best.
Can (half-jar) weight is 80 gram
All 93 colors are available on  stock
Also ValCox murrinni`s on stock
Glass vial contains 15 chips in a range of sizes between 2-5mm. Composition is roughly 90% 104coe and 10% 96coe. Preheat for best results.