Double Helix Teranova 2021

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Double Helix Teranova 2021
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Terranova2.1 is a highly saturated silver ruby. A tremendously varied color, it is capable of blues, greens, purples, reds, browns and can produce copper red webs in a reduction flame. The depth and hue of these colors are dependent on the heat treatment given. Working hotter or colder, doing a lot of shaping or a little, all of these and more will affect the color.
It is available in three different versions. Our standard Terranova2.1, Terranova2.1 Light and Terranova2.1 Dark. The standard rods are brown. Terranova2.1 Light rods are blond and Terranova2.1 Dark rods are gray. You can see pictures of the rods by clicking on view more images. Although the same color palette can be achieved with all three of them, they require different heat treatments. We have separated them into these three categories to help you achieve as repeatable a process as possible.
Work hot, cool and reheat. Reduce for metallic effects.