Bethlehem The Stacks

Bethlehem The Stacks
960.00 *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw

The STACKS bench burner fills the gap between Bethlehem's Alpha burner and Bravo burner. The price jump from the Alpha to the Bravo is significant. Which is a steep cost for new glass artists.
It has taken Bethlehem Burners 2 years of research and development, but they are now happy to introduce the Stacks system.
They firmly believe it is the perfect in-between torch for both beginner and the experienced flame worker!
The Stacks 1
It can be compared to the Alpha burner but produces a sharper flame. This "sharper flame" has a longer centre gas candle which attracts the outer gas jets and oxygen in towards itself.
This torch is ideal for fine detail work and fuming.
The stacks 1 needs 8lpm and is perfect for oxy-cons

The Stacks 2
The bottom mount of this duo [rpdices the same flame width and BTU output as the outer fire ring of the Bravo, unlike the Bravo torch does not have a centre fire.
Without the centre fire the STACKS 2 cannot reproduce the drive or heat range of the Bravo flame but it vastly out performs any other torch of its size and price range when it comes to heat potential, fuel mixture range, and efficiency,
The stacks 2 needs 20lpm and is perfect for oxy-cons

What makes the Stacks special?
Versatility!! Not only will the Stacks bench burner provide glass artists with a wide range of fuel mixtures, flame temperatures and flame sizes, but it also provides them with purchasing options never before offered by Bethlehem Burners.