Jetage Lumiere Lusters

Lumiere Lusters™

New! High temp lusters for lampworking, and other lower temp art mediums.

Lumiere Lusters™ by JetAge Studio are specialty color shifting, heat resistant metal oxide powders and flakes that work glittery magic in lampworked glass, and a multitude of other mediums.
They are rated to resist heat up to about 1400F, and don't have a specific coefficent.
Similar to Dichroic Extract powder, they shift color and throw off a lot of shine. The larger particle sizes create a lot of sparkle that you cant get from micas, and give quite a different effect from powdered extract.
They're also a great cost effective alternative to dichroic coatings and are more heat tolerant than regular powdered micas.

For lampworking: Simply take a small amount of powder or flake out of the container and place on a heat resistant surface. Roll molten glass over the flakes/powders and encase,
avoiding direct exposure of the flakes to the flame. Lumiere Lusters™ create holographic shimmer under encasement, or sparkly colour shifting intense colour when left on the surface of your beads.
Roll molten glass into the flakes or powders, shape, then garage as usual. Like micas, some flake will brush off after cooling, but the particles that stick will leave a colour shifting glimmer.        
Lumiere Lusters™ are also incredibly versatile and work extremely well with other mediums.
Because they're heat resistant, they work exceptionally well with polymer clays and add intense color and shimmer to your pieces (see examples at the bottom of the page).
Simply rub the powders/flakes on the surface of raw clay before baking. You can also add these powders to resin projects or transparent paint mediums. They are also solvent resistant.
Extremely lightweight flakes; a little goes a long way. Now in 5 gr./5 ml.! Containers are filled by volume.