CiM 463

Srens ltd

CiM 463
maak uw keuze *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw

Siren is described as a "transparent green"
Testers reported "This is a total success! Siren is indistinguishable from Aloe Juice.
It does bubble a little if you get it too hot but so did Aloe Juice.
Siren is a perfect transparent green, not too yellow not too blue and not too pale "
"I'm in love .... green is my favourite colour and I have
always loved Aloe Juice ... I have some hidden in my
studio away from my beady eyes! The team at CiM have
come up trumps with Siren a re-make if Aloe Juice. I'd
say it was so close you could sell it as AJ and no one
would know the difference!"