CiM 465

Oobleck Ltd run

CiM 465
CiM 465
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"Described by CiM as an opaque neon green, this sure is a bright one! This melted like a dream in the flame, and I did notice that it appears to go different shades as you are making the bead ...
but the end result was a solid colour without me having to do anything. The closest colour I have is Effetre Pea Green, but Oobleck is a brighter colour with more yellow tones.
The blue in the decoration is Effetre Turquoise, the dots on Pea Green have 'sunk' and the bead has more visible striations, on Oobleck the dots are more crsip and have a very fine ring around them.
When I encase Pea Green I find it quite soft and I need to really slow down, I don't have this issue with Oobleck, the beads shown were encased with Effetre Yellow/Green. A great addition to the 104 coe colour range."
– Trudi Doherty