CiM 912

Lilac Ltd run

CiM 912
CiM 912
maak uw keuze *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw

"CiM describes this as an opaque bubble gum pink, which I would say was spot on, so a bit confused why it's called lilac.
While it is pink, I would say that it does lean towards a pink with more blue tones. Lilac was fuss free and melted like a dream.
Looking closely at the dots on Effetre lilac I can see that they do have an inner ring, and looking very closely at the turquoise dots on Lilac, they have a very faint lighter ring right on the edges.
Etching Lilac really mutes the colour close to Effetre 260, but left shiny it's a much stronger. On the edges of the bead near the holes the colour is a shade darker,
hardly noticeable on the shiny bead, but slightly more pronounced on the etched one. A lovely pink with a strong character!"
– Trudi Doherty