Double Helix Eros

Technical Gold Opal Glass

Double Helix Eros
Double Helix Eros
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Skiron is a silver-striking colour, rainbow glass. An improvement over Luna 3 and Khaos that were developed a decade ago, Skiron resists over striking to kahaki.
Skiron works best when reset, cooled and struck. the times will vary based on bead size , flame temperature, and other factors but general guidelines are;
.Surface applications:reset , cool for 30 seconds , strike for 30-45 seconds.
.Encased applications:encase, reset, cool for 45 seconds, strike for 45-60 seconds.
The cooling cycle is an important factor in repeatable end results.
Shorter than recommended cooling times typically yield white and purple,
while longer cooling times can yield dark amber with blue tints. Somewhere in between lies the ideal cooling/striking timing for your application and set up.