Double Helix Oracle-Opal 2


Double Helix Oracle-Opal 2
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ArtikelcodeOracle-Opal 2

The Oracle project is an extension of what we've already done with Aether, Zephyr and Rhea; create low-toxicity, essential glass colours for the flame.
We will be producing colours free from antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and selenium.  Oracle-Black, Oracle-White (coming in 2018),
Rhea, and Zephyr give 104 flame workers the option to use responsibly manufactured, low toxicity glasses in their work.  
We are making our Oracle-Black in typical Double Helix fashion; with unconventional approaches to glass chemistry using low toxicity ingredients.
Oracle-Black has smooth working characteristics, reads "darker" than some existing black glasses, does not spread excessively, and can be worked very hot without boiling.
It is made in USA without Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead, Nickel, or Selenium.  Rods are blue but strike to black during the annealing cycle.  
Stays neutral with striking colours but reacts to lustre colours.  
For maximum opacity, particularly in thin applications, briefly cool the bead then lightly flame strike (30 seconds) before annealing for 2 hours or more at 950F.